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版主招聘 Advertised for moderators

经会员建议,管理团队讨论,成立 [ 热处理技术 ] 英文版块,现面向全体会员招聘版主1~2名。负责新开设版块的技术与管理工作,希望广大会员能踊跃申请,专业英语方面特长的可放宽审核条件。申请格式详见:。

Based on the members proposed, and discussed by management team to establish the English board of heat treatment technology, and now, we will advertise for one or two moderators in the whole Members . The moderator will be enganed in board management and heat treatment technology in English, we hope that all members shoud be apply eagerly. the person who is skilled in Specialized English can be relaxed the conditions. Application form: .

Apply conditions :
(1) loved the forum, concerned about the Forum building, where there is sufficient time to the management the board, answer questions or ask for help shoud be actively .
(2) Joined in the forum at least one month or more .
(3) Online times not less than 20 hours monthly.
(4) Posted at least 15 monthly.

Rclbbs Management Team
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